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Register to Join a Team

Join a hackathon team to become a technologist that supports change in your local community. By completing this form you will be paired with other members in the community to work with non technical business owners.

Below is a short list of examples of the team members we are looking for. This list dose not cover every skill needed to make an impact for business owners. If you do not find yourself in this list STILL APPLY. The application will allow you to describe your skill set.

  • Mentors - We need mentors willing to support our teams with any trouble they run into during this event
  • Marketer - BIPOC & POC business owners rely heavily on the value of in-person interactions. We need to create newbie friendly marketing strategies to help business owners recreate their in-person interactions online.
  • Project Manager - Understanding the business owners' problems and being able to translate and map out the technical requirements to your team.
  • UX Designer - Working with the teams' Project Manager (PM) you will be able to create low fidelity wireframes that allow users to easily achieve the desired action.
  • Designer - Using the wireframe created by your UX teammate you will be able to incorporate the branding supplied by the owner to a visually pleasing interaction for the customers.
  • Frontend Developer - Bring the designs to life digitally by building all of the UI screens and interactions.
  • Backend Developer - Help build out the business logic required to support the workflow created based on the issues the business is trying to solve
  • Accessibility Developer - Confirm that the digital assets created will be able to be used by all types of users. This team member will work with both the designer and the developers to make sure things are accessible from the start

Please reach out to us at for any questions or concerns around this event.